Month: July 2021

The World’s First Android app developer to launch on Google Play – International Development Association

The International Development Administration announced today that it has signed an agreement with Google Play developer International Developer Platform (IDP) to provide Android developers with a toolkit that enables them to quickly build apps for the Google Play Store and Android devices in development.The IDP Platform provides a common platform for development tools, tools for […]

Why Maeby’s arrest development has become a hot topic

Maeby was born and raised in North Carolina, a state that is one of the most conservative in the country.The father of four, he has spent his life building the business he’s known for.Maeby, a self-described “entrepreneurial optimist” who has built up a reputation for helping others succeed, is one person whose name has come […]

Walmart is developing a film development kit for international production

Wal-Mart has developed a film developing kit for film and television production.The kit includes everything from lighting to set designs to costume and set materials.Walmart is one of several studios and production houses that are exploring the idea, which would allow them to bring their production to a wide audience. “We’re very interested in the concept,” […]

How to use the new Developer Console

An introduction to the Developer Console, an important tool that will help developers and educators build more engaging experiences.If you’ve never used it before, it’s a tool that lets you easily customize your video content to create more engaging and effective experiences for your students.The Developer Console lets you: Add video to your site’s sidebar

How to take advantage of the free software community and work as a software developer

In 2017, there was a surge in interest in software development, as more companies and startups were looking for developers.However, many developers felt that the community wasn’t as welcoming as it could be.This post explains the pros and cons of using the free source code community to work as an open source developer, and shows […]

How did it all go wrong for Marta Arrested Development?

Posted October 16, 2018 05:29:48 The team that has brought the NBA to Vancouver is trying to find out what went wrong with the team in Vancouver.The Raptors have lost four straight games, and have gone 1-4 in the series.The team has a history of bad losses in the playoffs, including an 11-point loss in […]

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