Month: August 2021

‘Corporate Development’ is ‘corporate training’

Business development and marketing are increasingly being labelled as “corporate” by corporate branding experts.The word “corp” is increasingly being used to describe businesses, with some companies even branding themselves with the word.Corporate branding expert Mark Garton said the word had become “a word of derision” in some companies.“Corporate marketing has been the default mode of […]

Microsoft execs: We’ll make a game about ’em

Microsoft’s Xbox chief executive Satya Nadella says the company will make a “compelling” game about the evolution of artificial intelligence, the company’s chief cognitive scientist said Thursday.Nadella made the comments during a conference call with analysts after Microsoft announced it will hire an AI researcher to oversee its development of the Xbox One, the world’s […]

Why you should buy a development kit from COVID-19: The Best & Brightest

COVID is an extremely contagious and costly disease.And, the cost to develop vaccines for it has been astronomical.But that hasn’t stopped companies like COVID experts from producing the best and brightest new products and services to help families get prepared.The good news is that there are a number of development kits that are affordable, can […]

When Google’s Picasa got a major update, I could hardly look at the screenshots anymore

Google has finally put a new update to its Picasa online photo-sharing service in place.Picasa’s image-sharing platform has now been upgraded to version 4.4.4, a major upgrade over its earlier 4.3.3 update.The update will come in the next few days, with users of the Picasa app receiving an instant update to the latest version of […]

When is an app development company going to make money?

The biggest reason to develop an app is the cost.But if your app is already funded, it’s hard to see how it can be profitable.How much money will you make?How much will you charge?And how will you pay the developer?For most developers, the answer is simple.They will charge a percentage of the initial value of […]

Why is China’s movie industry struggling?

Chinese film studios have struggled for years to maintain the viability of their industries as China struggles to maintain its economic boom and maintain a strong sense of its national identity, according to a report from a leading Chinese film research firm.China’s industry has shrunk by 20 percent since 2007, according a report published by […]

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