Facebook is ‘in the market for an egg’

Facebook Inc. is in the market to hire a fresh blood to replace its former chief executive, as its efforts to expand into mobile and other digital ventures falter.

The social media giant is looking to recruit a developer for the second time in three months, following the hiring of Peter Kafka, a developer at Facebook.

The hiring of Mr. Kafka comes amid concerns that the company is falling behind in its efforts on the mobile front, where it has long struggled.

Mr. Facebook has been trying to improve its mobile app, Messenger, but the platform has struggled to maintain traction and has been plagued by glitches and crashes.

In April, Facebook announced a plan to release a mobile version of Messenger, and has since spent millions of dollars developing the new platform.

While Facebook has made a lot of progress in the past year, the company still lags behind other tech giants in the mobile space, such as Google Inc. and Apple Inc.

Facebook has also been trying for years to add more features to Messenger, including live photo uploads, but it has struggled with bugs and performance issues.

The company said that Mr. Mrinalini is currently the only employee at Facebook working on Messenger.

Mr Kagan has been on leave from Facebook since December 2015, but Mr. Kagan had previously been on a leave of absence for more than a year.

Mr. Kahan has spent the past several years developing applications for Facebook, which are often called the “CoffeeScript” platform.

The new job, which Facebook said is expected to last two years, would be a new level of responsibility for Mr. Kapadia, who has been at Facebook since the company acquired his company in 2014.

The new hire will help Facebook to better focus on the messaging service, Mr. Zuckerberg said in a statement.

Mr Kafka will work closely with Mr. Mayer, who is currently on a two-year leave from the company.

Mr Mayer has also announced that he will be taking a leave from Twitter Inc. to help focus on Facebook.

Mr Mayer said in the statement that he believes Mr.

Kagan will bring a “unique combination of skills and expertise” to the new position.

MrKagan has worked on a number of Facebook apps including the social media site’s Messenger and Facebook News Feed apps.

MrKagan’s work on the Messenger app has earned him praise from Mr.

Mayer and other engineers.

Mr Kagan previously worked at Facebook’s cloud computing unit.

Facebook also recently announced plans to introduce a new messaging service in partnership with AOL Inc. The service will let people send text messages using their own devices, which is one of the key elements that Mr Mayer said he believes will help grow the messaging market.

MrMayer said Facebook’s focus on Messenger and its messaging platform will help the company reach its goals in building an app that will allow people to stay in touch with family and friends, and also help businesses.

Mr Zuckerberg said that his company has been “delighted” to welcome Mr. Kulan into the team.

Mr Kulan joined Facebook in 2015.

The search for a new chief executive is a tough one for Facebook.

Last year, Mr Zuckerberg announced he was stepping down as chief executive to focus on a “much larger vision” of building a global company.

Mr Kulan was also the subject of a New York Times article that said he would be leaving Facebook to take a job at a company called Google.

Mr Mulvaney, who was also tapped as the company’s new chief financial officer, has been overseeing the transition and has already started to implement some of Mr Zuckerberg’s ideas for the company and the company as a whole.

Mr Facebook said that it is still early in the search for the next chief executive.

The company did not provide a timeline for the search.

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