How to add support for Android apps in your project

By default, most Android apps are built in Java.

The most popular framework is Java, which is also the most popular language in the world.

The Java platform is known for being very fast and has an extremely large user base.

For example, one of the biggest Java apps is Facebook.

With Java being the main language used by the vast majority of apps on the internet, it makes sense to create your Android apps as native Android apps, which are designed to work in Java apps.

Java apps will work in the same way as Java apps do in other languages, so the app will look exactly the same, even though they may not have the same capabilities.

This article walks you through how to add Java support to your project.

To get started, head to the Java section of the Android Developer Center and look at the Android SDK.

You can download the SDK directly from the Google Play store.

Java will automatically be installed in your Android app.

Once the SDK is installed, go to Settings > Security > Security Options and select Enable Java.

You will need to give your Android project permission to use Java.

To do this, right-click your project and choose “Add a new permission”.

For the purposes of this article, this is going to be “Add an extra permission”.

Next, select “Manage the add-ons” and then “Add Java”.

After selecting the “Add” button, select the “add-ons library” checkbox, and then click “OK”.

Now, you’ll see a list of installed add-on libraries.

Under the “Java add-in libraries” section, you can choose to install a Java plugin, or you can select a library from the list of available plugins.

When you click the “Choose” button next to a plugin, you will see the “Browse my library” drop-down menu.

Select the library and click “Add”.

In the dialog box, click “Browze my library”.

When you are done, your Java app should look exactly like the screenshot below.

In the “Adding a Java API” section of your Android Studio project, select a Java project and click the plus sign to add an additional Java API to the project.

If you don’t have a Java SDK installed, you should also install it and enable the “Allow developers to add their own APIs” option.

For this tutorial, you are going to add a Java application to your app and the Java plugin will be required.

Select a name for your project, then click the “+” button to add the Java project to your IDE.

Next, navigate to your Android SDK and install the Android Studio IDE.

In your Android IDE, go into the project settings.

Select “Project Settings” and select “Add Android Application”.

The new project is now ready to add.

To add the app to the IDE, click on the “+ Add Project” button.

When adding an Android app, the IDE will ask you to select the project type.

In this example, I selected “Project Type” and selected a project for my Android app and added the Java app.

The IDE will prompt you to add “android.permission.READ_SETTINGS” to the app.

This will tell the IDE to add access to the “permission” of the “android” package in your app.

To create a project, choose “New” and enter the name of your project in the name field.

You should now see the new project in your IDE’s project browser.

At this point, your Android application is ready to go.

You’ll see it pop up in the top navigation bar.

In Android Studio, choose File > Open Project and select your project from the menu at the top of the window.

Click “Open” to open the project in Android Studio.

In addition to the usual set of options, you might see a checkbox next to “Create a project” which lets you specify the path to the file where your project should live.

You might also see a “Start” button under the “Start from” dropdown menu which lets the IDE open the code for the project and run it.

Click the “+ Close Project” to close the file.

At the top left of your IDE, you now see an option to open your IDE console.

In order to open Android Studio from the command line, you need to have a command line program installed.

To install the Java JDK and a Java app, you would use the command:

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