How to get a good head start in the hair industry

Parents and children alike can benefit from learning the fundamentals of hair development.

Here are the five best books to start with, said Wendy W. Bickerton, president and CEO of The Hair Institute, an industry association.


The Three-Dimensional Guide to Hair Development by Dr. John R. D’Agostino and Dr. Elizabeth L. Daley, co-authors of Hair Design: A Guide to the Art of the Hair Studio, provides a wealth of information about the subject.

The book is geared toward both parents and children.

“There is a huge amount of information on the subject and it really makes a lot of sense to have this book,” said Daley.

She added that parents can also get more information by talking to a hair stylist.


Hair Training: The Complete Guide by Drs.

Robert L. Novembre, Nancy A. Crespo and Peter C. Hickey, authors of Hair Training, a book about the art of hair, are the most comprehensive resource on the topic.


Hair Academy by Daphne Koller, author of the book Hair Academy, is an essential resource for both parents as well as children.


Hair Therapy by Nancy Boulanger, the creator of The Beauty School and author of The Art of Hair Therapy, is also a must-have for any hair professional.


How to Find the Perfect Hair by Dr, Elizabeth L Daley (co-author of Hair Expert) is an excellent resource for hair stylists, hair care experts and other professionals in the field.

1/ The Three Dimensional Guide: The Science of Hair Development By Dr. James A. DeSimone and Dr John R D’Almeida, co‑authors of The Four-Directional Theory of Hair, is a must read for all hair professionals.

“I am always in awe of the three dimensional model of hair and the science behind it,” said DeSimon, an associate professor at the University of California at Los Angeles.

He said that the book, which is aimed at parents and teachers, is especially helpful for teachers, who are usually the first to understand the topic of hair.

“You need to know what it is and why it works,” said the hair care professional.

“The book is full of good information about what the theory is all about.”

2/ How to Create Your Own Hair: The Art and Science of the Natural Hair Care Process by Dr Elizabeth L Edery, author, The Art & Science of Natural Hair, offers a great overview of the subject of natural hair care.

3/ The Art Of Hair Therapy: The History, Design and Practical Application of the Four-directional Theory by Dr Nancy Boucher, co‐author of The Color of Your Hair: Discover the Color and Quality of Your Skin, will give parents the information they need to make the most of their hair.

4/ How To Make Your Own Hairs: How to Make Your Hair from Scratch by Dr Lora DeRosa, co–author of Make Your Sculpture Hair, will help parents understand the theory of hair as a whole and the techniques used to create the hair they love.

5/ Hair Expert: How To Learn The Secrets of Hair by D’Agena Boulazard, author and instructor at the International Academy of Hair Science and founder of The International Hair School, is one of the most authoritative guides for the hair profession.

“It’s not a one-size-fits-all book,” she said.

“They all have different strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a great resource to be able to review and understand.”

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