How to write a great android app for iOS

Apple has launched a series of apps designed to help developers make their apps faster and more responsive on both platforms.

AppleInsider reported that Apple will also add support for Android on its new iOS 7 operating system, the first time an Apple app will support the platform on the platform.

While iOS 7 is available now for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, developers can get started by downloading the iOS 7.2 beta, which is available for developers to download from the Apple Developer website.

Developers will also be able to create iOS 7 apps using the Swift programming language and create their own widgets in the app’s Activity, View, and ViewGroup view.

AppleInsider noted that the beta has a few notable features.

It adds support for Swift 4.0, which allows for “better native performance, more native widgets, and more robust interactions with the OS” in apps.

The beta also adds support to support apps that use an external file system and for iOS apps that do not have a full-blown web view.

In addition, Apple is offering developers a special beta feature to help speed up app development.

Developers can use this beta feature when they build iOS apps on the App Store and get their apps up and running quickly.

If a developer builds a native app on iOS, they can choose to run that app with the new Swift version.

In the App Previews section of the App store, developers will be able select whether or not to use the Swift 3.0 version of the app in their app, and will be shown the Swift version they want to run.

Developers will also have access to the Swift Development Kit, which includes the Swift compiler and runtime, as well as Swift IDE tools.

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