How to write a successful social media marketing plan

Now Playing: A ‘social media marketing’ guide for entrepreneurs and investors, including how to find the right marketing partner Now Playing (VIDEO): How to get more people to follow you on Facebook Now Playing Why people don’t click on your Instagram or Snapchat Stories Now Playing What you need to know about Google+ Now Playing How to find your next job at Google Now Playing Where can you find the most qualified employees?

Now Playing This is what you need in your startup’s first year Now Playing Google says it wants to help you get started now Now Playing Amazon says it’s not going to buy your startup Now Playing Meet the startup founder who built a billion-dollar app with the help of Facebook Now Play Google’s biggest tech investor says Facebook is a big threat Now Playing Facebook says it’ll take more time to improve its ‘fake news’ algorithm Now Playing Who wins in the world of social media?

Now Play Why do so many people get stuck on Facebook?

Now The Verge has a video series on how to make a killer social media campaign Now Playing Here’s what it’s like to launch your startup from scratch Now Playing The best way to get people to click on a photo Now Playing You can now use the hashtag #PraiseTheLoudNow to share your music Now Playing Is it a good idea to put a Facebook logo on your logo?

Now What do you do when you want to get your brand out there?

Now WATCH: How to build your own viral video campaign Now Play How to turn a $1 million deal into a $100 million deal Now Playing New research suggests that more than 50 percent of people believe that they will lose money on a stock sale Now Playing Watch this viral video about how to grow your social media following Now Playing 10 tips to keep your social platform happy Now Playing Will you ever have a successful startup?

Now That’s the question.

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