Personal Development School to launch in China

Personal Development Schools is launching in China in April 2019 with a focus on the emotional development of children.

The initiative is expected to offer a unique education and a high level of quality.

“China’s new economic boom has driven a dramatic rise in demand for social, emotional and developmental education.

With such demand, many private schools have found it difficult to compete with our brand and to compete successfully in the global marketplace,” said Xiaoyu Zhou, founder and chief executive officer of the company.

The company will offer a comprehensive educational curriculum in Mandarin and English, which will offer students a chance to connect with their peers and to develop their personal and professional skills.

“In the past, Chinese parents would spend an enormous amount of time and money for the schooling of their children.

But the current economic situation has changed the balance in this equation.

With the emergence of the digital economy, many parents are looking for more flexibility in their child’s education and more opportunities to spend time with their children,” Zhou said.

The curriculum will focus on four areas: child development, social, interpersonal and emotional development.

It will be developed by a team of experts with expertise in the field of social and emotional developmental.

“The curriculum is focused on the development of the child’s personality and emotions, with a particular focus on emotions, character development, self-esteem and social and relationship skills.

It is a comprehensive curriculum that provides children with a strong foundation in their own development and a great chance to learn about other aspects of their lives,” Zhou added.

The program is being offered in the city of Guangzhou, which has one of the highest rates of child mortality in China.

Zhou said that the program was launched in 2017, but the city’s official statistics showed that the number of students in its schools had actually decreased in the past five years.

The Education Ministry is currently planning to start a pilot program in the southern province of Guangdong in 2019.

Xiaoyu said that in the coming years, Personal Development schools will also be available in Hong Kong, Macau and the United States.

“Our team of leading experts is in the process of creating a curriculum that will be available to parents of Chinese students in all the cities in China and around the world,” he said.

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