The World’s First Android app developer to launch on Google Play – International Development Association

The International Development Administration announced today that it has signed an agreement with Google Play developer International Developer Platform (IDP) to provide Android developers with a toolkit that enables them to quickly build apps for the Google Play Store and Android devices in development.

The IDP Platform provides a common platform for development tools, tools for app testing, and tools for application deployment across multiple platforms, which includes Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

This new platform allows developers to easily create, test, and deploy apps for Google Play.

The platform is also open source and available for other platforms, such as Linux, Mac OS X, and BSD.

The development tools developed by IDP developers are available to developers through the IDP API and can be used by developers to create new Android apps that can be deployed for both Android and Google Play, IDP said in a statement.

The agreement with IDP also includes the opportunity for IDP to continue to provide its developers with support through the International Development Agencies (IDA) SDK and the IDEA Developer Network (IDDN) API, IDPs Platform partners said in the announcement.

The new IDP platform will enable developers to develop apps that will be able to run on all platforms, including Android, Windows, and iOS, according to the IDPs statement.

IDP is also working with other partners to help develop more apps that work on all the platforms, IDp said.IDP has worked with Google on its Android platform since the early 2000s, helping to build the Android ecosystem, and the platform now has over 70 million users worldwide.

The international development organization said IDP will help accelerate the development of the GooglePlay Developer Platform, and it will support IDP apps on the Google platform.

IDPs partners said that the IDI has been working with Google for more than a decade, and has contributed to a variety of Google projects, including the Android API, Google Play Developer Platform and Android Studio.

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