Twitter CEO calls out ‘disgraceful’ Apple app development

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took to Twitter this week to address a growing trend in the iOS app development industry that he called “disgraced.”

In a series of tweets, Costolo highlighted the growing number of developers who are finding ways to use the App Store to develop applications that are not actually free, and said that the trend was “disgusting.”

In fact, Costiero said, Apple developers are actually paying developers to do the work that’s not free.

The problem is that developers are being paid for work that they aren’t even free to do, Costello said, and the result is “disrespectful and disgusting.”

The app development community is currently trying to fix the issue with a new service called PaidAppDevelopment that provides developers with free tools for creating apps.

The platform, which was announced in May, has since been added to the Apple App Store, but there are no sign that it will be added to Google Play or other iOS app stores anytime soon.

Costolo noted that the company is not trying to create a new marketplace for developers to monetize their apps, but rather create a better environment for developers who want to make their apps more appealing to consumers.

“As developers, we have a responsibility to ensure that the best apps are developed for as many people as possible,” Costolo said in a tweet.

“Developers who make an app that people love but also makes money for us are a very small part of the problem.”

Costolo also took to Instagram, where he said that he’s also worried about the potential for “disruptive” new app formats that allow for apps to be shared with more than a few people.

Costiero added that he was “furious” that Apple has allowed this to happen, calling it “disheartening” and “disastrous.”

“We are a company that prides itself on the ability to innovate and we have the power to make the world a better place,” he said.

“But we must also be aware of the damage this is doing to the people we are supposed to serve.”

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