What is development? A quick guide

Development is a complex concept.

Its a long term term process.

Its not a static event.

Its also not something you can take for granted.

Developing is a constantly evolving process.

That means you have to take it in turn and adapt to changing circumstances.

Here are some key things you need to know about development: 1.

Development is an ongoing process.

There is no one right way to approach development.

In some ways it is a constant process.

You need to be flexible and adapt.

If you have the right approach, you can be sure that the results will be positive.


Developments need to occur in the right context.

This is important for ensuring that you have a sustainable and long term plan for your future.

You will want to consider the overall context in which you are developing.

You want to ensure that the project is not simply for the short term, but also for the long term.

You also want to think about how you can use the resources of the community to help you to deliver.


Developements are not something that can be done overnight.

Developings need to happen in a context that will ensure that they are sustainable.

You can’t just start development, you have have to build and sustain it over time.


Developement is about taking risks.

This means that you need the courage to take risks and that you are prepared to make mistakes.

Development can be very exciting and rewarding, but you will need to plan for it. 5.

You cannot build a project on the back of a successful past.

It is essential that you take a long-term view of your future and that your current projects reflect this.


Development needs to be integrated with the local community.

Developures that take place in rural communities or in remote areas will be far less sustainable if they are not integrated with local communities.

This can be particularly challenging for those that have never lived in a community.


You must develop your plans in consultation with stakeholders.

The first priority is to ensure you have sufficient resources for your development and the infrastructure that will support it.

You should also consult with stakeholders in order to make sure that they understand the full range of the project and its implications.


Developed communities are often a difficult place to start.

This could be because you do not know the history of development or you do have limited knowledge about the area or culture.

However, you need a plan that will provide the right support for your community.


You have to think in terms of a longer term and longer term than just the short-term.

Developers need to consider how long their project will be and the long- term impact it will have on the community.


You may need to think long term about the longterm.

You might want to look at how you will manage the future.

This includes planning for the future needs of the area as well as your own long- or medium-term plans.


You are often limited by your knowledge of your local community, and you will not be able to develop a long or short- term plan in a way that works for everyone.


You do not have to plan everything in the short and medium term.

However if you want to be sure your plan is in line with your long- and medium- term goals, you will have to do a bit more planning.


You could develop a business plan before you even start your project.

This would give you the best chance of being successful.


You often do not need to invest much in infrastructure.

But you do need to have a long range vision and have an understanding of the wider community.


You probably do not want to rely on the private sector.

If development is not part of your long term strategy, you should consider how you could build your own.


You would be surprised at how quickly development can take off.

You know you have got to get on the right track.


You usually need to develop your plan for the community, not just for yourself.

The community and the local economy are always your best assets, so this means planning for your local economy, which you will be responsible for, is important.


You tend to focus on short term benefits.

But development can be a longterm process that requires longer-term investment in infrastructure, services and people.


You rarely get to develop something you already have.

If this is the case, it will be very difficult to scale up. 20.

Development will be more difficult if the community has not been involved.

You sometimes have to make decisions that have an impact on the local area, which can be difficult.


You frequently have to look beyond the short, medium and long-terms to make the long and longterm decisions.


The impact of development on your local area can be enormous.

If a project is too expensive or it doesn’t work, you may be left with no choice but

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