Why Google is building a ‘social-media’ business

Google is trying to build a new kind of business, one that’s a social media company in the truest sense of the word.

The search giant has hired social-media consultants, the first time it has done so in years.

Google, like Amazon and Facebook, is working to build its own social-networking platform to give its apps a better shot at getting the attention of people searching for specific things.

Google says it plans to release a tool called “Gplus” in the next few months.

It will allow users to create and share photos, videos, links, comments and more on Google+.

It will also let people add their own content to the platform.

It’s all part of Google’s effort to turn Google+ into the new social-network of the future.

Google’s strategy has been to give developers tools to build apps and then build them into Google+ using Google’s existing platform.

The company says it’s also working to make its own products easier to use for users.

So far, it’s working on “tweaks” to improve the experience of its existing products and services.

“We’re not going to stop trying to make products that people like,” Google product manager Brian Chesky said at a Google+ event in New York last week.

But the company has been working on what it calls a “socially engineered” product that is aimed at making its social-tech products more useful to users.

Chesky, speaking on stage with the company’s co-founder Sergey Brin, also said Google would not release new versions of its apps until it is confident it has made the changes.

The first major version of the company-wide product update is scheduled to go live in the coming weeks, but the company says that it will make its first major update this summer.

The next major version will go live later this year.

The new update will include a new “social-networks” system that lets users create groups and tag their own photos, Google+ posts and other content.

The update will also include features that make it easier to add users to groups, which Chesky called “one of the biggest additions we’re making to Google+.”

The first thing the company is making is a way for users to “tag and create groups on Google+ that are their own, that are personalized to them,” Chesky told a crowd of developers and designers at the event.

Google+ users can then tag other people in their groups.

In addition, Google says the company will soon roll out a feature called “tagging” that will allow Google+ to make friends for users that are in a specific geographic area or city.

Chesk also said the company was working to streamline the process of sharing photos, video and other information on Google+, which is already easier than it was a few years ago.

In the meantime, users will be able to post photos, embed them in comments, share links in their posts, share and search for the information.

Google is also working on tools for businesses to allow users who want to add content to their Google+ profiles to do so with just a click of a button.

The features will also allow users of businesses to add a “group icon” to their profile.

Google has also launched a “G+ Marketplace” for businesses that want to offer their users more ways to buy products on Google.

Chesy said the search giant is also planning to create a “business intelligence platform” that allows businesses to track and measure their user engagement with their businesses.

Google will also be rolling out a new feature called Google Analytics, which will let it track what people are searching for when they visit a certain search result.

Google also is expanding the ability for businesses and startups to offer paid search results to advertisers.

Google said it is also building a service that lets businesses and businesses partners share their search results in real time and track the results.

The feature is designed to help partners better target customers with search queries they are likely to find more relevant to their business.

Chesker said Google is working with other companies to build these tools, including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Google hopes that the new products will allow it to become a more ubiquitous player in the world of online advertising.

The platform will allow advertisers to show results from Google and others sites, and also to show ads from other companies, Chesky added.

Chesys goal is to have a Google Plus app on every Android device by 2019.

The announcement came a few days after Google launched its “Google+” platform, which allows users to join in on a “social conversation” with others on the platform in addition to the Google homepage.

Google announced the update to the “Google Plus” platform at a New York tech conference.

Google Plus will also have a “Google Search” feature that will let users search for specific terms on Google, and then post their results to Google+, the company said.

Google isn’t the only company making a big

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