Why will millennials be more likely to work for the Trump administration?

Why will young people work for President Donald Trump’s administration?

The president’s top aides and supporters are hoping to capitalize on the boom in millennials’ desire to find jobs and opportunities in a global economy with fewer traditional workers.

Trump, who is in his first year in office, is taking steps to tap a generation that is increasingly interested in technology and entrepreneurialism.

They include Trump’s decision to hire a top tech executive and a White House office for digital innovation, and his decision to take a direct-mail-distribution-service-like approach to the job market.

The president has said millennials are more interested in the work that is now in front of them, even though the jobs created during the past generation were mainly in the service industry.

Millennials have become a key demographic to the Trump campaign, even if they don’t vote, but they have played a key role in his campaign strategy and administration policies, according to the president’s team.

He is targeting millennials as a key voting bloc, and in a recent tweet, he said that the election was “just the beginning.”

Trump’s goal is to make sure that the next generation of workers can build a better economy, said Robert Deitz, an economist at the Brookings Institution.

Millennial workers will be key to Trump’s economic strategy, as they will be more able to navigate the new technologies and entrepreneurial challenges.

But he said the job-creation efforts are also intended to help the nation recover from the financial crisis and the Great Recession, which hit many young people hard.

“The goal is that we’re going to build a job market that is good for them,” Deitz said.

“And we’re also going to rebuild the country, and that is going to help them do that.”

The economy will recover, but the new jobs created by millennials will be hard to replace, said John Fortunato, a senior fellow at the Economic Policy Institute.

Young people will be “the key demographic of the future,” Fortunatellos said.

They are “the ones who are going to be the key drivers of the economy, and if they aren’t in the workforce right now, they’re going be the ones who will be the next ones.”

Deitz said that many young millennials have been discouraged from pursuing careers that are career-oriented, which may be a contributing factor to the recession.

Fortunatello also said that millennials have historically been reluctant to move into industries that offer more traditional jobs, which could affect their ability to find employment in the future.

“I think this is a really important point for the future of our economy, because we’re really trying to create jobs for the next generations,” Foppatello said.

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