Word-for-word translation of a major book in Hindi is nearly ready

An official translation of the first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita has been submitted to the government.

The work of Sanskrit scholars in Hyderabad and Madras, as well as a team of academics from New Delhi, has been working to complete the chapter and put it on a digital platform.

The book, titled Bhagat Puran (Book of Life), was completed in 2007.

The work was done on the basis of the manuscript that has been handed over by the Lord to Maharaja Vallabhbhai Patel, the then-chief minister of Maharashtra, for his use in his Ramayana epic.

The Lord then entrusted the project to a team headed by Srinivas Kondapalli, who later became the president of the Institute of Sanskrit Studies (ISS).

The chapter, titled The Life and Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, was the second chapter in the Bhaghavad-Gita, and is one of the three major works of the Ramayna.

It was written in Hindi, which is the native language of the majority of India.

The first part, The Path of Puranas, was completed on the site of a temple in Madras in 1868.

The second part, the Mahatmas Puranas or The Path to Self-realisation, was compiled in the same year.

The third chapter, The Self-Realisation of God, was published in 1872 and contains a chapter titled The Self, which describes the development of the human psyche as a product of evolution.

The text was also the first in which Gandhi describes his personal transformation after he became the chief minister of India in 1922.

“The chapter is the second of three major Bhagas,” said Rakesh Pandey, the executive director of the ISS, who had worked on the project.

“The first two were completed in Hindi and the third is in English.

The two Hindi chapters will be translated into English.

They have been in the process of doing this for two years.”

Pandey said that, from the perspective of the government, it is important to have a book in English so that it can be accessed easily by citizens.

“This is a major challenge for the government,” Pandey told The Hindu.

“English-language publications can be easily accessed on mobile phones, which can then be read on computers, tablet and mobile phones.

The other challenge is the fact that most of the Indian citizens can’t read or understand the text in English, which has to be translated in English.”

Panday said the project had been completed in about three years.

“It is a very ambitious undertaking,” he said.

Pandey, who is also the director of Centre for Sanskrit Studies, said that the book will be the first of its kind in the country and would help in the digitisation of Indian history.

“If we can digitise all the information about this history, we can understand its complexities, the nuances of this history and its implications for the country,” he told The Hindustan Times.

“I am sure that the digital version will bring more information to people and will help them understand this history better.”

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